• Sans Thai

Sans Thai: A place for a great ambiance and tasty food

Thai food is highlighted for its rich flavor. Thai food is renowned throughout the globe because of its deliciousness. Even if you are unable to travel to Thailand, you may have excellent Thai cuisine in Ubud. One of the restaurants that serve Thai food in Ubud is Sans Thai.

Sans Thai in Ubud not only serves flavorsome dishes but also has a stunning view. This restaurant has the most beautiful views of Ubud's rice paddies. The meal is absolutely incredible, and the cocktails are one-of-a-kind. Sans Thai is a must-visit if you're in Ubud!

Perfectly tucked in the middle of rice paddies, the restaurant environment is nice to chill and ease, the food taste and presentation are extremely great, the staff service offered is friendly, and anybody looking for Thai food should visit this place if they are in the Ubud area.

One of our best-selling menu items is Tom Yum Hot Pot, a classic Thai hot and sour soup with shrimp and mushrooms in a spicy lemongrass broth is one of the menu items you should try at Sans Thai. Prepare to get drawn into it. It's a pleasure to sip the scrumptious tom yum sauce.

Sans Thai is located in Banjar Pinjul No. 8, Kenderan, Ubud, and nearby Tegalalang Rice Terrace. Surrounded by a breathtaking view of Ubud's rice field, a perfect fit to savor Thai food in Ubud's hidden gem. 

Sans Thai Restaurant focuses on an Authentic Thai dining experience by only using well-chosen and high-quality ingredients. Offers authentic Thai food with signature beverages made with passion by award-winning Chef Agus Umbarayana. 

Open daily from Monday to Sunday starting from 12.00 to 22:00, Sans Thai is a mandatory Thai Restaurant that you have to visit. Sawadikap your day!

So, if you want a place with a great ambiance and a portion of tasty food, come to Sans Thai. Learn more about Sans Thai on Instagram at @sansthai or contact the restaurant at https://sansthai.com/contact